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About Yabai

We are a manufacturer of high quality, premium fielding gloves. Dedicated to supplying players a great quality glove at a fair price. Founded in 2018 out of the idea of using our sourcing, design, development, and manufacturing knowledge to supply superior GLOVES FOR PLAYERS.

YABAI operates directly online with limited edition models released throughout the year. We are a small, niche brand that releases curated mix of gloves that are offered for limited release.

Ken UedaKen UedaKen UedaKen Ueda


Yabai was more than just a term; it was a Frequent WORD used BY my dad IN the wrestling ring throughout his professional career. HE AND THE CROWD infused THIS WORD with determination and energy WHICH HAS ALWAYS STUCK WITH ME. YOU CAN FIND OUT ABOUT HIS CAREER HERE.

Creating Yabai

Inspired to bring top quality gloves to the market. Great quality, great value, for great performance.
Shopping for a FIELDING GLOVE online IS CONFUSING. Too many options, too many gimmicks, and a lot of fancy talk about nothing. GLOVE companies seem more focused on their bottom lines than on your NEED FOR A HIGH QUALITY GLOVE FOR A REASONABLE PRICE. They complicate what should be simple, leaving you navigating a maze of overpriced options WITH RETAIL MARK UP THAT MAKES 

It's frustrating, confusing, and makes finding a GREAT QUALITY GLOVE harder than it should be.

We're changing that. Our approach is simple: a no-nonsense, HIGH QUALITY FIELDING GLOVE THAT WON'T MAKE YOU TAKE OUT A MORTGAGE.

We cut through the hype with a FIELDING GLOVES that's better than it seems, at a price that makes sense. No tricks, no overblown promises, just a GREAT QUALITY GLOVE SOLD AT THE RIGHT PRICE. We're here to make GLOVE shopping easy and honest, because getting a GREAT QUALITY GLOVE SHOULDn't be this hard OR OVERLY EXPENSIVE.

Yabai Founder &

Ken Ueda


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