The Craft of Breaking in A Baseball Glove

Updated: May 30

A glove is special to every baseball and softball player. The glove becomes a part of the player and is a personal piece of equipment. There is a special connection that develops between a player and their glove.

From every catch, crease, bend, and use, the glove gets formed to the shape the players wants it. Significant effort goes into shaping the perfect form to a ball glove. We call this the breaking in of the glove.

Properly breaking in a ball glove will help you be able to catch the ball where you want it, have it shaped and soft enough for you to make every play. The key is to become as comfortable with you glove as much as possible.

Your glove should fit snug and feel as if it is an extension of your hand. Breaking in your glove helps to eliminate unwanted stiffness or rigidity. The goal is to create the pocket so you can securely hold the ball.

While there are many different ways to break in your new baseball or softball glove, nothing beats the art of playing catch to form the shape of your glove. With the help of a friend, parent, family member, or teammate, play catch as much as you can to start softening your glove while creating it's shape. This is the most traditional method to break in your glove. Plus, there is nothing better than the sound of the ball hitting the leather. After playing catch, use some type of conditioning oil to keep your glove clean and protected. Check out Sarna Baseball conditioning oil, it's a great product.

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