Prepare to Perform. Baseball Fielding Tips That Make A Difference

Updated: Oct 11

People say practice makes perfection and that defense wins championships. Great perfect defense starts in each practice. So take your game to the next level and practice.

When your at practice or in a game, you have to know the details of what's going on. How many outs are there, where are the base runners, is there a force play anywhere, who is at bat, or what is the count. If the ball is hit to me, where am I going to throw the ball. All of these aspects of the game can influence your decision on what to do with the ball if it is hit to towards you.

Since defensive baseball is all about movement, you have to stay light on your feet while being in an athletic position. Knees bent with your weight balanced on the balls of your feet. A proper defensive stance will help you move quickly around the field, left or right, front or back, to field the ball in the center of your body. If the ball is hit towards you, watch the path of the ball and move to it. Then comes a three step process. First, watch the ball enter your glove. Second, pull the ball out of the glove and transfer it into your throwing hand. Third, maintain balance and make a accurate and strong throw.

Make sure to get your body moving with momentum towards the base you are throwing to.

Aiming for the players chest will a smooth follow through will ensure you hit the target on your throw.

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