Breaking in a Ball Glove

Updated: May 30

Looking for a simple method to break in your glove? Here are some simple tips.

Breaking in a new glove was one of those childhood memories that I will always cherish. Getting a new glove, smelling the leather, and taking the time to form the pocket just the way you want it. It was a craft that basically customized the shape of the glove.

Below are a couple tips to help you shape your new glove.

Shape the Glove To Your Liking

Take a baseball or softball and place it in the pocket of the glove. Then wrap your glove with a band, a belt, anything that will keep the glove closed. The bands should be very snug, but not tight, and form around your glove. Allow your glove to set this way for a day. This will help your glove begin to take the shape you want. Depending on the stiffness of the leather, you may need to repeat this several times. Pound the pocket after you remove the ball to work the pocket even more.

Just Play Catch

The most fun way to properly break in your baseball or softball glove is to simply play as much catch as possible with it. By playing catch, your glove will slowly begin to form to your hand and the leather will break in and loosen up with each catch. Playing catch day in and day out is going to be one of the best way to make sure your glove breaks in to your hand structure. So go out and toss the ball around. Eventually, you'll see the shape form and catching the ball in the pocket will become natural.

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