Yoshi Tsubota is a master glove craftsman that I met when I worked for a global sports brands. He was committed to perfecting every glove he made. His craftsmanship was perfected over decades of work, hand making gloves for professional baseball players all across the world. The passion and commitment he put into each glove was such a beautiful thing to witness. Our gloves are inspired by his commitment to quality and we work hard to delivery the best quality materials, similar to what the pros use today.



Gloves are an extension of the hand.  Our gloves are crafted to perfection, with the same high quality materials used for professional players. Care is given to each and every process.


Various tools are used for different tasks when creating a glove. Broken in after many years, they are used in the delicate process of glove-making.





Each glove is different, depending on the user and their position. For example, even minor changes to where and how the laces are run through the glove change the finished form.

Ken Ueda
Ken Ueda


Yoshi Tsubota was the original baseball glove master

craftsman for Mizuno making ball gloves for the top players in the game. His commitment to craftsmanship was his pride and honor to the game. I worked many spring trainings with Yoshi and will cherish the memories we shared and the awesome stories he experienced. RIP Yoshi. Your passion and commitment to craftsmanship will continue to honor the game.

Ken Ueda
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Chris C., Former Pro Athlete

Super impressed with the quality of the glove. The leather is great quality.

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Mike M., Former MLB Player

Gloves are the real deal. Great leather with a great feel.

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Ken U., Founder

Bringing back the practice of breaking your glove in. Premium materials for superior quality.